Learning and Applying Along the Way
SparkLearning and Applying Along the Way

Learning and Applying Along the Way

Anthony Moschitto’s Journey to Med Spa Managing Director

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Anthony Moschitto is the business brains behind a med spa with locations in Houston and San Antonio, Texas, where he has been the Managing Director since 2017. But he didn’t start out seeking a career in Medical Aesthetics. Moschitto graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in nutrition and exercise science and then launched a successful career in sales. 

So how did he then become managing director of a med spa? Read on to learn what led to this career change, and how the job allows Moschitto to apply his greatest strengths.

Being open to different opportunities.

Moschitto did telecom sales for four or five years as a sales rep and then was promoted to a manager role. At a second technology company, where he was selling to Fortune 500, healthcare, and public sector accounts, he managed a sales team and was eventually put in charge of a region. 

Although he was successful at sales, Moschitto wasn’t fulfilled in his career and he didn’t love “traveling all over the place,” he says. 

That’s when Renee Moschitto, his mother and an expert aesthetic nurse, was struggling with contractors in her newly opened med spa. Anthony Moschitto offered to “help with a couple things,” and ended up finding what he was looking for.

It wasn’t long before Moschitto realized the gift he’d been given. “I thought to myself, ‘who has an opportunity like this, where your family already owns a successful business, a cool business that’s always changing and very trendy?” He also relished the idea of not returning to the “Fortune 500 grind” and clawing his way up the corporate ladder.  

“I got to be at home and with my kids for more time,” he adds. “So, it ended up being a good fit.”

Listening first, leading later.

Moschitto spent the first year at the med spa listening—to the med spa advisory board, at professional industry shows, to webinars and to the people around him—with the goal of learning the Medical Aesthetics business from the ground up. “That was really step one, to get into an informed position.”

Soon, he began making decisions. “I would evaluate a couple of options, pick the one I liked best, and if it didn’t work out, that was okay—I can always adjust,” Moschitto says. He gives the example of online booking, which is intimidating for some practices but a key customer service option for his med spa. “People want to book appointments outside business hours,” he explains. “It’s inefficient for us to answer the phone and say the times we have available.”

Innovation came next. One clear area of need was software tools. Because the industry is so young, med spas are still relying on software borrowed from dermatology and plastic surgery offices and even regular spas and nail salons. “But they’re not med spa tools—they’re operated totally differently,” he says, “so, you have to pick something to move forward. But then you have to ask: How am I going to make this better?”

Keeping a finger on the pulse.

Moschitto makes time for industry meetings. “I will meet with a good chunk of the vendors just to understand what’s going on through their lens, in the industry, and what new things are coming out,” he says. 

He’s also found resources on social media, joining a few industry groups where people toss around ideas. “So, you can get a lot of advice from people,” he says, noting that dermatology and plastic surgery businesses are structured differently. “And then you’ve got to make a decision about what’s best for your business,” he says. 

Having a goal-oriented approach.

“Probably the most successful strategy for me is setting goals for everybody and having a level of transparency around those goals,” Moschitto says. He offers biweekly revenue reports to the team, so they know exactly how the practice is doing against their goals. And then he has sub-goals—to shore up areas of the business that are not doing as well as they could be. In his med spa, team ownership of the goals is a key component to achieving them.

“At a high level, the practice goals are tied to compensation, so practitioners are incentivized to bring in revenue on services and skincare,” Moschitto explains.

Keeping patient satisfaction front and center.

Moschitto believes the practice’s high retention rate comes from excellent service and attractive pricing. “We’re educating them, we’re recommending things for them to do, and then we encourage them to make a decision based on what’s comfortable for them financially or from a treatment perspective,” Moschitto says.  

“We make it financially attractive for patients to get fillers and neurotoxins,” by offering a tiered pricing program, he says. “I want them to buy products after a consultation and get treated with them now,” he states.

For Anthony Moschitto, what began as a seemingly temporary job helping his family has turned into a rewarding and exciting career. Feeling inspired by his journey? Explore other SPARK content to learn more about the versatility of medical aesthetics.

Learning and Applying Along the Way


About Anthony Moschitto

Anthony Moschitto is a Managing Director for a leading med spa in Houston, overseeing operations including marketing, finance, and EMR/POS Systems. He has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science and previously led a technology sales team, selling to Fortune 500, healthcare, and public sector accounts.

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