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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Overview

What is Spark?

Spark by Allergan Aesthetics is a complimentary resource dedicated to providing credible, introductory information to any aspiring healthcare professional and support staff, regardless of role or specialty, interested in entering the Medical Aesthetics industry.

Who created Spark?

Spark is brought to you by industry leader, Allergan Aesthetics. We develop, manufacture, and market a portfolio of leading aesthetics brands and products. We support responsible industry practices and the highest levels of safety. And we’re proud to offer a centralized source of credible industry information that responsibly educates healthcare professionals and support staff who are interested in joining the Medical Aesthetics workforce. For more information, visit

What is the mission and vision of Spark?

Spark’s mission is to provide credible information, promote responsible practices, and share guidance for aspiring healthcare professionals and support staff. As an industry leader, Allergan Aesthetics is seeking to responsibly educate health care professionals and support staff who are interested in joining the growing aesthetic industry by providing a centralized source of credible industry information.

Who is Spark for?

Spark is intended for aspiring aesthetic healthcare professionals and support staff who are interested in an introduction to the Medical Aesthetics industry.

What type of information is on Spark?

Spark features articles, videos, resources, and training tools about the Medical Aesthetics industry from industry experts of various roles. Spark provides information to any aspiring healthcare specialist to help educate and guide those who have less access to information or may not know where to go to learn more about Medical Aesthetics.

Does Spark offer training, licensing, and certification?

Spark is a complimentary resource dedicated to providing introductory information to aspiring healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the Medical Aesthetics industry. Spark is not a course or program and does not offer training at this time. We encourage you to register for Spark if you haven't already at to unlock educational resources on our Knowledge Hub.

How much is Spark?

Spark is complimentary and registration to unlock additional information on our Knowledge Hub is a simple process that requires your name and email address.

How often will Spark be updated?

Spark will add new content regularly that is created by industry experts, including interviews with practicing aesthetic HCPs, industry research studies and resources, and internal expertise.

How can I get involved?

We are open to recommendations from experts in the industry and welcome the opportunity to collaborate. Contact Us 

How else can I stay up to date on Spark information and resources?

Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Customer Support

I have a technical question (link not working, email address/password/ account issues, etc).

Please visit the Contact Form, fill in the required information, and select “I have a technical issue” from the drop down menu. We will respond to you shortly.

Why should I register?

Registering will help to optimize your experience on Spark. Here are 3 additional reasons to register:

  • Unlock Access to our Knowledge Hub: Immediate access to a variety of helpful resources and educational materials.
  • Be the first to know: Get updated first about new, helpful content via email.
  • Quick and easy: Sign up is quick, easy, and complimentary.

Why do I need to set my password?

Password protection is required for your security.

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