Ideas for Beginners Considering a Career in Medical Aesthetics

Learn from Medical Aesthetic professionals: Find out more about the available training, preparation, and continued learning that may help you launch a career in an exciting industry.

Whether you’re a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or doctor seeking a career change—or a student just starting out—you may want to consider Medical Aesthetics.

We created this resource in partnership with industry experts to provide insight that could help you determine if working in Medical Aesthetics might be a good career choice for you.

This resource is intended to highlight relevant considerations in a summary manner and should not be construed as individual legal or professional advice. You should consult with legal counsel before acting on the information contained in this resource. Neither Allergan Aesthetics, nor any of its employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries, or affiliates (collectively, the Allergan Aesthetics Parties) warrant or guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or current relevance of such content and none of the Allergan Aesthetics Parties are responsible or liable for such content. The information contained in this resource does not constitute legal or other professional advice, and anyone viewing this resource is encouraged to obtain such advice on issues applicable to their professional development.


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