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SparkWhy Medical Aesthetics is an Industry on the Rise


Why Medical Aesthetics is an Industry on the Rise

Medical Aesthetics is an exciting field full of opportunities
Medical Aesthetics is a field that is growing due to consumer demand. In fact, in a 2018 global survey conducted by Allergan of more than 14,500 aesthetically conscious consumers, 83% of consumers worldwide are willing to invest in their appearance.1 From baby boomers to millennials, aesthetic procedures are being embraced across generations.

Aesthetic procedures are embraced worldwide
In 2018, 12,659,147 nonsurgical medical procedures were performed worldwide, and nonsurgical procedures increased by 10.4% worldwide.2 The U.S. was responsible for 22.7% of all non-surgical procedures globally.

Millennials are looking for Medical Aesthetics treatments
When aesthetically conscious consumers around the world between the ages of 21 and 35 were asked, 98% (n= 5,975) said they would consider professional treatment at some point in their lives, and 82% (n=4,890) said injectable treatments are socially acceptable.3 This means that as millennials age, they may be open to and transparent about the idea of receiving aesthetic treatments. Because of the growing demand from millennials, it is predicted that the Medical Aesthetics industry will experience rapid growth of over 12% by 2025.4

Noninvasive treatments on the rise
In Allergan’s global survey, 53% (n=14,584) of consumers worldwide said they would consider a body contouring treatment, and 19% (n=14,584) would consider it within the next year.

As the popularity of Medical Aesthetics treatments continues to rise, especially due to millennial aesthetic consumer demand, it’s easy to see why the Medical Aesthetics industry has a bright future. Accessed June 5, 2020 Accessed June 5, 2020 Accessed June 5, 2020 Accessed June 5, 2020

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